Donald Paul Whigan







Service is at the very core of my work and I wouldn't be as effective nor affective without having first been mentored by the great many friends and team members I've had the pleasure of working with.  

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to have had the chance to serve my staffs and clients under several and oftentimes overlapping capacities including senior level management, policy planning and implementation, personnel recruitment and training, team development, and various knowledge transfer roles.



I don't know if there is a more accurate and concise way to reflect my understanding of the connection between what we do and who we serve than how my mentor, good friend, and former colleague, Robert Pruitt defines it.

Relationship is the product of leadership.
— Robert Pruitt II, Director of Leadership, NSLC

I began my professional start in 2010 as a member of the Advance Team and subsequently the Operations Manager of the National Student Leadership Conference at their flagship location in the Washington D.C Metropolitan area; and for four years I was able to work alongside and learn from some of the brightest, most compassionate, and capable minds of their respective academic and professional fields.  

By the summer of 2013, I successfully co-launched and managed a multi-million dollar leadership intensive program at The George Washington University while serving as the Assistant Director of Operations for the Washington D.C. area programs.  



It has always been a personal mission of mine to leave every organization, institution, and community I come through in a better position to accept and accommodate a broader diversity of inspirations and creative modalities.

This is one of the main reasons for my co-founding and conceptualization of DePaul University's first multi-disciplinary performance and media based organization -- The Lab.  As both the President and subsequent Senior Advisor, I worked closely with a highly dedicated and dynamic team of creatives and future professionals to nurture and see the successful growth of one of Chicago's most versatile and communally involved student-run organizations.